A Look Into My Studio+Reduction Print+Step 2

Here we go.  I’ve let the first color dry for a couple of days and carved away more of the linoleum block.  Now for the second color.

I only carved out a small section in the top left of the block.  One of my major goals in printmaking is to push the space back as far as I can to create depth.  Given that this is a small block the challenge is greater.  When I first carved it as a black and white image I used varying marks carved into the linoleum (line length, width, etcetera) to achieve this depth, but now I want to use color as well.

The color I chose for the second layer is kind of lavender. It’s darker than the initial color, but was derived from the leftover peach.  The inclusion of the original peach color was done in order to maintain the relationship between background and probable middle ground.  It is a way to keep it in the same family while becoming transitional to the later colors that will become the foreground.

The registration system worked pretty good during the second printing.  The block wiggles a little in the foam core which necessitated some manual tweaking before each print.  Some prints were a hair off.  No big worry. It’s a great start.  I can make some modifications and hopefully improve for the next reduction I do.  All in all, I feel I didn’t lose anymore prints during this pass.

Unfortunately, It was a pretty gloomy day when I printed this layer so the pictures aren’t that great.  I think this one does it justice, though.

When printing multiple color layers I always feel like each successive print is too much of that color until it all comes together with the black printing.

Now to let it dry and carve away some more linoleum.

As I’ve said before, I share a small studio space with my wife Alyssa.  Half is designated for fiber arts/sewing, and half is for whatever I’m doing at the time.

Here is a shot of my half.

The space underneath the table is reserved for packing materials, archival plastic sleeves, extra light bulbs for the light exposure unit and a plastic organizer that is far from organized.  The space is a work in progress, but does the trick.

On a side note, Thanks Traverse City SCRAP for posting about my blog on their Facebook page!  Here is their link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Scrap-TC/179099202129410

I’ve added the link to the sidebar under Resources, Artists and Organizations.

On another side note, Alyssa just started a blog focusing on her work and I will be having a collage show in April at MAVEN right here in my awesome neighborhood of Montavilla.  I’ll keep you updated on the show, but here are links to Alyssa and MAVEN.





Both links will also be on the sidebar under Resources, Artists and Organizations.

Have a great day!

Copyright © 2012 by Drew Kail


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