Woodblock Prints on MDF Board

                        1/4                           Overgrown                        2011                          Plate: 23 5/8″ x 23 6/8″, Paper: 29 3/4″ x 30 3/8″

                   1/4      Going This Way Seems To Speed Things Up A Bit     2011                                               Plate: 23 7/8″ x 23 5/8″, Paper: 29 7/8″ x 30 1/4″

A/P                             Homesick                      2011

Plate: 23 5/8″ x 23 6/8″

Copyright © 2011 by Drew Kail

9 thoughts on “Woodblock Prints on MDF Board”

  1. Would you mind if I linked one or two of these images in my blog at some point? I’d obviously cite the images properly, and I could link them to your site?

    1. That would be fantastic. When I read your work I always enjoy looking at the images you use to accompany them. They’re great and I’d be happy to be included. When you want to, let me know and I’ll add a link to your site as well.

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