A Look Into My Studio+Reduction Print+Step 3

The second color has dried.  So onto the next.

For the third color I want to begin my separation from background to foreground while still keeping the same basic red, orange, blue relationship.  The only part I carved away was the section of linoleum right below the orange shape.  This purple area will be the middle ground.  To push the middle ground back further and to strengthen the foreground I decided to print a saturated light blue.

The registration system is still working great!  No prints lost during this run.

It’s coming along.  I’m not sure how many more colors I’m going to print.  I mentioned in the original post that this block was carved as a black and white image.  It’s been extremely challenging to rethink the image, but definitely a worthwhile exercise.  My previous work was pretty much divided into black and white prints(woodblock/linocut/etching) and color prints(mixed process monotypes/collages/silkscreen).  This was an attempt to bridge the gap between my bodies of work and further their development.  So far so good.

Copyright © 2012 by Drew Kail

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