Artist Statement(Etching and Woodblock)

My work is empirical and focuses on concepts related to the influence and relationship between the individual and the larger cultural identity, or sense of place, of different regions in the United States.  I am especially fascinated by the post industrial landscape, which was my surroundings growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  In my work I explore this subject matter through creating abstract black and white narrative woodcuts that depict my relationship with these environments.  I work expressively  and painstakingly in both drawing and carving my woodcuts and aim to make work that is approachable to a wide range of demographics in order to expand the conversation about what Art is and what Art says.  I believe the act of making to be a transformative experience for the maker and the viewer.  My inspirations are the works of Keith Haring, Henry Darger and Lynd Ward who all created rich narratives and social critique with imagery and symbolism, as well as Lucy Mclauchlan for her gestural illustrative style and surrealist comics such as Zippy the Pinhead by Bill Griffith.

Copyright © 2011 by Drew Kail

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