A Look Into My Studio+Reduction Print+Step 4

It’s that time again.  Time for the next layer in my reduction print.  I’m very happy with the shade of blue from last time.  I think it creates a good separation between the background and what will eventually be the foreground.

For this layer I will focus on what color I want in the top left corner where there is a line pattern in a square.

It should stand out, so I chose red.  I’m still inking much of the plate.  This is done because I would like the red to affect the following colors in order to maintain the palette relationship.

The next step is to begin darkening and separating the foreground.  But first, the ink has to dry for a few days.

I always work on more than one project at a time in order to not become stagnant between steps.  Right now I’m focusing a lot of attention to collages and preparing for the next print.  It also will be a reduction.  I’ll keep you posted.

Have a great day.

Copyright © 2012 by Drew Kail

4 thoughts on “A Look Into My Studio+Reduction Print+Step 4”

  1. hey Drew, I noticed your gravatar on my blog. I wish I had something interesting or intriguing to say to start a conversation about printing because you seem pretty awesome… I’ve never done it but it’s actually on my list for 2012 “to learn’s”. I’ll check in with your blog often. cheers ~from the pacific west coast ~jen

    1. Hey Jen, thanks! I’m glad you like the work. I think your blog is really great and just started following it. I’m over here in the Northwest as well, down in Portland. Let me know if you have any printmaking questions.

    1. Thanks. I’m trying to show that there is a way to make interesting prints after school, at home and with reused materials. I’m really glad you like the work.

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