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Printmaking Residency

Great News!  I’ve been accepted into the winter printmaking residency at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina.  I’m really excited to spend two weeks in January working on a larger scale woodblock print, have access to state of the art facilities and meet other printmakers.  I’ll make sure to post pictures of my trip and my work as they both unfold.
Here is one of my newer prints
Have a great day!

A Look Into My Studio+Reduction Print+Step 6

It’s time for another color.  I’m getting close to the finish, I just haven’t decided on how many more steps to include.  I like to print a color and then ignore the image for a day or so.  That way when I come back to the studio all of the ideas that were influenced by the last printing have somewhat evaporated  and I can look towards the next step more impartially.

On another note, color-wise, we are getting darker.  So todays color is THE closest point of the image to the viewer.  In keeping with the red, blue, orange (and the red+blue combo that is purple), I chose a dark, saturated blue.

 I mixed a little of the previous purple into the blue and expect the last printing to influence the color as well.

I’ve carved out the rest of the background and some of the waving lines up front that I want to remain purple.  Also, I’ve selectively inked the plate to highlight the lighter blue lines in the middle ground and create a water pool as the foreground.

It was actually a relatively light day outside for this time in Portland.  Not sunny, not rainy, just not dark and gray.  I’ll take it.

Now to forget about it for a couple of days, but first, I want to share a brand new addition to my work space.

I noticed that the prints weren’t drying as well in the cardboard box recently.  My wife Alyssa and I chalked it up to how humid the house has been with all the late winter Portland rain.  So I made this hanging device.  I used hemp twine and binder clips.  Both were purchased at SCRAP.  The hemp twine I’ve had for a few years and don’t remember how much it was, but the binder clips were something like five cents each.  I use that nice green bag to hold all of my binder clips, and as you can see, I cover my work area with tarps when I’m finished for the day.  This ensures both cat safety and print safety.  I don’t want my little wonders to get into anything I may have missed during cleanup, although I’m pretty thorough, and I don’t want their little hairs all over my work area.  Win-Win.

Until the next color,

Have a nice day.

Copyright© 2012 by Drew Kail

King Kong Attacks Seattle+The Housing Market+And The Very Near Future

1/14                    Kong Vs.  Sam                 2008

Recently, my wife and I have been trying to sell our house in order to move back to our hometown of Pittsburgh, PA to begin two individual nonprofit arts organizations.  In order to create a “show ready” feel to the house we had to treat it as if it were a model home.  No dishes in the sink, place settings at both the kitchen and the patio table with cute little silverware adornments.  Very sterile and blaah.  The worst thing was that I couldn’t use our studio space to work.  It was too messy and I never knew more than two hours before someone was coming to see the house.

What does all of this have to do with King Kong on top of the Space Needle holding Uncle Sam?

In a word….Everything.

I make a lot of work, and sometimes I need a little refresher that I’ve made a certain thing.  I rediscovered this print in one of my files while passing time organizing in the studio.  It is the first real linocut I had ever done, and I still love the image.

What else does this image have to do with selling my house….

Well, today at five o’clock PST our final counteroffer to potential buyers will expire.  We are under the impression from our realtor that it will not be accepted by them.  This will make it official that our house is unsaleable without us losing a lot of money in this current market.  The plan is to take the house off the market,  hunker down here in Portland, and focus our efforts towards this city.

So the image is celebration and representative of another chapter in our lives unfolding in the Pacific Northwest.  Our plans have drastically changed within the past couple of days(we were set to leave by November 1), but we are extremely excited about the opportunities that have presented themselves.

plus, we get to live in a really rad house.

Copyright © 2011 by Drew Kail