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I’ve been inspired by Nicole of NMNPHX “Photo Friday” post.  Because of her I decided to share some of my photos and to take new ones.  I took these a while ago as an exploration into color, layering and pattern in digital imagery and never showed them to anyone.  My intent was to “paint” with the camera lens by taking photos of collaged paper scraps.  I’ve been straying away from my traditional printmaking recently with my drawing project and working on a series of larger scale collages for an exhibition coming up in December, but I think it’s good to take a break.  Embarking on projects involving different mediums keeps my creativity fresh and may lead to technical cross over down the road. Anyways, here is the first of three series of photographs I’ve taken.

Have a great day.

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What I’ve Been Up To+Craft Shows+New Prints Coming

Just an update on some things I’ve been up to since I returned from Pittsburgh.  

I participated in the Crafty Underdog event held at the Bob White Theater on June 3rd.  A Fantastic history to the theater including a gentleman named Dale Haskin who purchased it in the 1990’s to house his Wurlitzer organ pieces.  The Bob White is in the process of being renovated to be a functional space again, and I was excited to be a part of this first weekend reopening.  Thanks Crafty Underdog.  There are two more days of events in the Bob White Theater this June 23rd and 24th.  I will not be participating, because that is my 6th wedding anniversary weekend.  But do check them out if you are in Portland.  You can find out more info on their website:


I wanted to show my setup for the event, because it really is a simple thing that anyone can do when needing to display their work.  I used a 3 panel cardboard display board, which I got at SCRAP, painted it with gesso to make it white and hung samples of my work with thumb tacks.  The only real “construction” was screwing an empty cardboard box to the back of the board as a support so the display didn’t topple over.  Not really exciting so I didn’t take a picture.  Alyssa set up my table and I think it looked great.  She’s good at that kind of stuff.

An old wine box that I acquired from a previous job held all of the inventory and propped up a few collages.  I cut out and hand typed 100 business cards for this event.  I love how much people enjoy sifting through the stacks to get just the right one.  It’s free art.  What’s better than that?

Alyssa purchased this brand new battery operated camping lantern that worked wonderfully during the event as a little beckon of light… A little light house directing people to my space.

The last thing I want to show is my banner.  I cut the letters for Drew Kail out of black and white woodcuts.  The drewkail.wordpress.com is cut out of reused black mat board.  Everything was then glued to a piece of bristol board.  Pretty easy and I’ve used it for a few shows now, so it’s held up extremely well.

Events like Crafty Underdog are great to get exposure for your work, and I wanted to show that you can make a really nice display for almost no money.  I plan on building a wooden version of the cardboard display board with a hinge, but that’s another day.

Other than hanging out at craft shows I’ve been working on some new woodcuts.  I was carving on our back deck last weekend when the weather was beautiful and Alyssa took some pictures.

I carved two separate blocks that day.  This one is a piece of found MDF Board.  Originally the image was carved into reused linoleum, however, the lino had some sort of ink resist on it which made printing a quality image out of the question.  To remedy the situation, I printed the lino on the found MDF, which I will then print on the paper.

Here’s a better shot of the image.

I love working outside, because you can just sweep all of the wood shavings into the backyard.  I began printing the second block I cut that day and should have pictures up soon.

Have a great day!

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First Friday at Maven in Montavilla+Etsy+Seaman’s Log

“New to The Neighborhood”

This Friday is First Friday here in Portland and I will be showing my collages at Maven in Montavilla from 6-8.  I’m really excited to work with Jacky and to be the first artist to show at her fantastic new store at 7819 SE Stark ST, across from the Flying Pie Pizzeria.  Also, I’m really happy to be a part of of my own neighborhood’s First Friday Art Walk.  I hope everyone can check out the show and all the awesome stuff at Maven.  “New to the Neighborhood” will be in the show.

Also, I’ve been extremely busy of late.  Really….Really busy, between my day job and my printmaking.  So much that I accidentally let most of my Etsy store expire.  I relisted much of the items, but still have work to do.  It’s going to take some time, so if anyone has questions about a print or collage, please send my an email.  I promise to be more dilligent.

Finally, I wanted to let you guys know about a really interesting wordpress site.  Benleib.com.  It’s a fascinating blog documenting the travels, adventures and daily routines of life, on wet and dry land, of the author as he undertakes his latest job on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico.  His Posts’s are appropriately titled Seaman’s Log with the coinciding date.  Each post is adorned with beautiful illustrations and prints.  I am extremely excited to say that my work will be featured in one of the very near post’s (I believe it to be Thursday).  I’ll let you know when it is posted, but until then please check out the link below to catch up on his journey so far.


I’m also going to add a link to this site on my sidebar under artists.

That’s all for now,

Have a great day.

That’s all for now,

Have a great day!

Copyright©2012 by Drew Kail

New Print Collage

I wanted to share the newest addition to the refurbished print collages.

“The Bluff”

12 1/2″ x 11 1/2″

I’m very excited to show these at MAVEN in Montavilla for First Friday on April 6th.

To check out what MAVEN is doing click the link:


I also finished printing Step 4 of my reduction print and will be posting photos of it soon.

If you need to catch up click the links.

Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:


have a great day.

Copyright © 2012 by Drew Kail

100th Monkey Show Tonight + New Print Collage + Japanese Woodblock Printmakers

Tonight from 6-9 is the opening of the exhibition entitled “Home” at the 100th Monkey Studio.  The gallery is located at 110 SE 16th Avenue.  Come check it out if you’re in the neighborhood.  I have three large monotypes in the show.

For more information click this link:


Hope to see you there.

Here is the latest print collage

“It Looks A Little Rough Out There Today”

9″ x 4 1/4″

As you may know, I am obsessed with woodblock printmaking.  The reductive process of carving a block creates both a sculpture and a vehicle for ink transferal to paper.  To me it is a reverse relationship.  A puzzle.  And these collages are realized in a similar manner.  They are cut and laid out based on pattern, space and color relationship.  They are constructed as a problem to be solved.  Many of the elements incorporated in each collage come from my past woodcut and linocut prints.  My work has been greatly inspired by comics and illustration, but also by Japanese woodblock printmaking.  This collage, though not intentionally influenced, does remind me of “The Great Wave Off Kanagawa”, by Japanese Edo Period printmaker Hokusai.

You can see from the border on top of the image.  I have used it courtesy of http://www.katsushikahokusai.org/

I strongly urge you to check out the rest of his work.

Also, on the topic of Japanese printmakers.  My favorite of all time is Toshi Yoshida.  Especially his abstract work.

Here are a couple of examples borrowed from http://www.hanga.com/

Delightfull, 1973

Unknown, 1968

So Good.

Copyright © 2012 by Drew Kail

New Print Collage

“An Incredible Chain of Events is About to Begin”

9 3/4″ x 6 1/2″

As I’ve written about before, Dr. Suess is one of my main artistic influences.  Arguably my favorite story is a toss up between “Yertle the Turtle”, “The Lorax” and “Because A Little Bug Went Ka-Choo!!”  Over the past few months there have been a lot of changes in my life.  Back in October I wrote a blog post about not being able to sell my house, which prevented my wife and I moving back to our hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where we were planning to start two nonprofit arts education organizations.  Since then, we’ve had to deal with finding jobs again, restructuring our bills to suit our incomes, and essentially re-planning our current futures, all because of the very awful realization regarding the housing market in Portland.  So far it’s been a lot of work, but everything has been going great. We’re excited about our current directions while still holding onto future possibilities.  So, what about this collage?  Well, I feel that this piece perfectly depicts the past few months of my life.  It’s intimidating, dynamic, and slightly puzzling for the man with the umbrella set to ascend the stairs leading to three unknown destinations.  I think the collage says that no matter how well planned something is, or logical a choice has been made, it can immediately change course all because a little bug went ka-choo.

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