I’ve been inspired by Nicole of NMNPHX “Photo Friday” post.  Because of her I decided to share some of my photos and to take new ones.  I took these a while ago as an exploration into color, layering and pattern in digital imagery and never showed them to anyone.  My intent was to “paint” with the camera lens by taking photos of collaged paper scraps.  I’ve been straying away from my traditional printmaking recently with my drawing project and working on a series of larger scale collages for an exhibition coming up in December, but I think it’s good to take a break.  Embarking on projects involving different mediums keeps my creativity fresh and may lead to technical cross over down the road. Anyways, here is the first of three series of photographs I’ve taken.

Have a great day.

Copyright ©2012 by Drew Kail


8 thoughts on “Photographs”

  1. Wow thank you for your kind words!

    To me, the photos you posted are like looking into a kaleidoscope. Interesting technique! Painting with the camera. I like it!

    1. You are welcome. I really liked your photo yesterday and it got me thinking about these again. Funny thing is that I made these collages only to photograph them. I didn’t keep the original pieces, and actually cut them up to turn them into other collages. The only thing that lives on are the blurry photos. I’m just now realizing that fact, and I find it interesting… I guess not really funny.

    1. Thanks. I haven’t been very motivated to make prints recently. I actually have four prints “in process” right now, but keep finding new things to play around with instead.

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