New Print From Found Wood

This is one of the woodcuts I worked on outside a couple of weeks ago.  It is carved out of some scrap wood I found in my shed.  There were actually two scraps of the same type of wood, a square and this one.  This one is far from having right angles, which is why I was so interested in using it.  Basically… It’s got a lean to it from the left to the right side and the top has a slight wave which I think is gorgeous.  So far I have printed ten of this image.  I’m not sure yet what the finished edition will be.  It’s also still untitled at this point.  The other piece of wood, the square piece, I have been using for some color mixed process prints, which I’ll post pictures of when I get further along.

Have A great day.

Copyright©2012 by Drew Kail


26 thoughts on “New Print From Found Wood”

    1. Thanks Nicole. And thanks for the retweet. I try as much as possible to use found and reclaimed materials in my printmaking. Creative reuse is a strong passion of mine, because of the “what will you make from it” attitude I get when looking at something interesting, maybe a little beat up, but still usable. Another factor is that there are far to many materials floating around already, so there is no need to buy new ones. I’m glad you like the image. Drew


  1. I went back to your suggestion on my post earlier in the month about Writer’s Block where you suggested pursuing a different creative endeavor. I might try that this weekend. I thought I would channel that into making progress on outdoor projects but it gets too hot to do anything after about 9am.

    I’ve actually been thinking about trying to make a windchime out of stuff that I would otherwise throw out. Either that or see if I can sit down and create a piece of art for my house. I’m just curious to see if I can do it. I remember my grandpa used to make all sorts of stuff out of scrap, so I’m hoping it runs in the family.

    It is something I’ve noticed, that more and more artists are re-using materials for their art. My local art museum had a large exhibition about 2 years ago featuring such pieces. It was amazing to see sculptures and pictures all made from things that in some cases were already sitting in a landfill.

    1. I think that you venturing off to make a sculpture or something different is a great idea. You are already creative, so just channeling that energy into something new has the potential to yield amazing results. There has been a movement for sometime towards creative reuse. Some places, like Portland and San Francisco, actually provide funding to artists through artist in residencies to work with the dump and make stuff. I started while in college, and basically dumpster diving to find materials I could use in my projects, but now reusing and manipulating unconventional materials for printmaking has become a passion. I don’t know if you have a creative reuse center down there, but it may be worth looking into, because most have workshops and resources to spark the mind about second possibilities for often discarded items. Good luck with your artsy venture and I hope you post pictures of your progress.
      It’s still primarily raining and low to mid 60’s up here so I’m kind of jealous of the hot by 9 thing.

    1. Thanks Terri, I’m glad you like the image. It’s true that when you stop and look around, there actually is a wealth of materials just waiting to be realized as an art project.

  2. This looks great! A very magical piece. I was giving a printmaking demonstration yesterday and someone asked me if I had ever carved and printed from leather? I haven’t, but what a great thought. Have you, Drew?

    1. I haven’t, but I went to school with someone who drypointed and printed leather. The prints turned out really nice. They had a very soft line quality.

  3. I’ve often thought about doing this for fun or when money for supplies is tight! And I’d imagine that it certainly hones your dexterity with your tools. Glad you’ve experimented with this!

    1. Creative reuse is a wonderful and extremely cost effective way to make art. I began reusing and reclaiming materials while in college to save some money until I realized how many perfectly good things other students would throw away. I started collecting their discards to use in my own projects. There are so many materials already floating around in the world that I feel we don’t really need to buy new ones. Creative reuse, especially in regards to printmaking, has been a very interesting journey. Over the past year or so I’ve begun incorporating non conventional found materials to make my prints, like plastic meshing and discarded tiles, and attaining tremendous textural and layered images. Rest assured I will continue to experiment with this, and I’m glad you liked the print.

  4. This is a great design and a good use of materials! Printing with wood is something I keep meaning to try but haven’t yet got around to doing properly. I tried incorporating Lino and wood cuts onto the same print, but despite my best efforts the wood layer didn’t quite line up so I had to abandon it in the end.

    1. Thanks. I’m glad you like the image. Are your troubles combining the two styles due to registration? I’ve only ever combined lino and woodcut in my mixed process monoprints, but registration really isn’t a factor with those prints. I do print multi-block woodcuts and linocuts, though they are not combined, where registration is a factor. For these I carve the black block and print it onto every other block I intend to use so that layers line up. Let me know if that helps.

      1. Yes it was with registration, partly. I used the wood as the last layer. I think that it was slightly misaligned and the cuts were slightly off in the wood. Your idea is good – if I print the final lino layer onto the wood and then use that as my guide to cut out the wood block maybe it will be more successful. Thanks.

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