The Panda Chronicles

Once again I am going to step outside my role of cartoon panda to share a little piece of the view into the world I live in.

Warning: Heartwarming story coming…people who are looking for action, adventure, and panda kindergarten misdeeds should just skip on down to the cartoon!

When I lived in Seattle, one of my musician friends had a little joke he liked to tell about supporting yourself as a musician.  “We make our living taking in each others’ laundry.”  He was referring to the practice of one person paying another, to give their child music lessons, and then that person would pay the first to teach his child.  It seems like no net gain for anyone, but really, it was a real builder of community and connectedness.

Today is the first Saturday in May, which on Whidbey Island is Hearts and Hammers day.  It’s modeled on…

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