Thank You Destructive Testing+Artist Of The Day

I just want to make a quick post/ heartfelt thank you to Mike Smith, the writer/curator of Destructive Testing.  Today he granted me the honor of being his featured artist of the day, and showcased a lot of my work.  He even inspired me to un-box some old linocuts of industrial scenes, which I had only printed proofs of, and do full editions.  I’m excited to take them for a spin again and see what happens.

Other than showcasing a featured artist of the day on his blog Mike also makes amazing sculptural and functional work with reused, reclaimed and recycled materials.  Often these pieces are ingeniously electrically engineered as lamps in a wonderful marriage of  science and the fantastical.

Vintage Food Grater Wall Lamp

You can find more of Mikes work and more featured artists on his blog:

Thanks again for including me as today’s Artist of The Day Mike.


6 thoughts on “Thank You Destructive Testing+Artist Of The Day”

  1. Nice! Congratulations on being featured in another blog.

    The lamp shown above does look interesting and I like the idea of making it out of stuff you’d find around the house. But for some reason that lamp reminds of one of the robots on that old Comedy Central show Mystery Science Theater.

    1. Yeah you’re right. Total sci-fi vibe, but I think that’s why I like it so much. I can see it being the head of some helper bot who nannies for the kid while his parents go off exploring new planets. I really like how Mike marriages both sides of his brain to create such wonderful works. Congrats on your second VBA! Your site definitely deserves two …..or more!

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