First Friday at Maven in Montavilla+Etsy+Seaman’s Log

“New to The Neighborhood”

This Friday is First Friday here in Portland and I will be showing my collages at Maven in Montavilla from 6-8.  I’m really excited to work with Jacky and to be the first artist to show at her fantastic new store at 7819 SE Stark ST, across from the Flying Pie Pizzeria.  Also, I’m really happy to be a part of of my own neighborhood’s First Friday Art Walk.  I hope everyone can check out the show and all the awesome stuff at Maven.  “New to the Neighborhood” will be in the show.

Also, I’ve been extremely busy of late.  Really….Really busy, between my day job and my printmaking.  So much that I accidentally let most of my Etsy store expire.  I relisted much of the items, but still have work to do.  It’s going to take some time, so if anyone has questions about a print or collage, please send my an email.  I promise to be more dilligent.

Finally, I wanted to let you guys know about a really interesting wordpress site.  It’s a fascinating blog documenting the travels, adventures and daily routines of life, on wet and dry land, of the author as he undertakes his latest job on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico.  His Posts’s are appropriately titled Seaman’s Log with the coinciding date.  Each post is adorned with beautiful illustrations and prints.  I am extremely excited to say that my work will be featured in one of the very near post’s (I believe it to be Thursday).  I’ll let you know when it is posted, but until then please check out the link below to catch up on his journey so far.

I’m also going to add a link to this site on my sidebar under artists.

That’s all for now,

Have a great day.

That’s all for now,

Have a great day!

Copyright©2012 by Drew Kail


13 thoughts on “First Friday at Maven in Montavilla+Etsy+Seaman’s Log”

  1. Since your recent comment at my blog, i’ve been following yours, and enjoying seeing your progress on your prints in your home studio. Thanks to blogs it is great to see what other printmakers are up to. Best of luck with the shows and with Etsy, Drew.

    1. Thanks Marja-Leena. It is a huge plus to cyberspace, in that we are all able to share, learn and be inspired from a larger audience. I really enjoy your work and am very happy you like mine as well. I often check in on your work and will continue to do so.

  2. Good luck with your showing at First Friday! If the rest of your prints are as good as “New to the Neighborhood” I’m sure you will do well.

  3. Wow, your comment on my (brand new) blog prompted me to check out yours. It is great! I actually started out in printmaking a long time ago, and still have a soft spot for printmakers. I love New the the Neighborhood! (plus that’s how I feel about blogging!)

    1. I’m glad you like my work. I think the piece you made is great, and I am a native Pittsburgher with a soft spot for anything Steel City. It’s great to meet you.

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