A couple of things

Just a Monday morning update of a few things from over the weekend.  A couple of days ago I posted how I had found one of my first reduction prints while I was sorting through some paper.  The print discovery continues!  This morning I came across a sleeve of prints in which I was experimenting with drypoint etching on broken or previously cut acrylic.


All of the prints were completed on oddly shaped acrylic that I purchased at SCRAP.  The idea was to draw freehand on the acrylic with an etching needle and allow the predetermined shape to influence my thoughts.  There are more than this one, however, my camera ran out of batteries after taking this photograph.  The rest will be updated later.

On another note, I wanted to share an image of the linoleum block for one of my next prints.

I cut out the linoleum in preparation for the first color, but as in most of my work, I’m going to keep the final image pretty open to change.  I don’t have a set number of colors, and I’m not sure if all the shapes will stay in the print.  We’ll see.  This piece of linoleum is  leftover from the reduction block I’m currently working on and showing the process of.  The whole piece was a scrap from a black and white block titled “The Area Between”, printed in 2010.  I try to use every remnant of every material to prevent it from ending up in a landfill and also because I feel that even the tiniest scrap can be useful in the creative process.

“The Area Between”

I’ll keep you posted on how this reduction goes as well.


Copyright©2012 by Drew Kail


3 thoughts on “A couple of things”

    1. Thanks. I was trying to break out of the square that most printmaking takes place in, or at least make the square different. I really love drypoint, especially freehand, because it’s like printing your sketchbook. Unfortunately I have to pick my times to do it, because the screeching noise the needle makes on acrylic drives my wife crazy.

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