Creative Reuse Workshop

Want to learn how to start your own creative reuse center?  Let the masterminds of SCRAP Portland answer your questions with their blog devoted to the how-to’s

I am so lucky to have a local creative reuse center here in Portland, and hope that many other people will follow this blog, take the great advice from the knowledgeable folks at SCRAP and start a creative reuse center in every community.  Many of the materials I use to make my artwork are reclaimed and reused, and a lot of those have come from SCRAP.  There are far too many materials circling around.  We don’t need more, and recycling isn’t enough to prevent many of the materials from ending up in the landfill.

Try reusing.

“Fertile Ground”

This woodcut was done on reclaimed MDF Board I found in a pile of discarded materials to be thrown out at Portland State University.  I really enjoy the imagination involved and the challenge presented by using reused materials to create art.

I am adding a permanent link to the Creative Reuse Workshop blog under the Resources, Artist’s and Organizations side menu.

Have a great day.

Copyright © 2012 by Drew Kail

6 thoughts on “Creative Reuse Workshop”

  1. Hey, Drew. I love this post. My son’s grade 4 class did a whole long unit on recycling and his project was just this: getting a reuse facility going in our town. So, we LOVE this idea and see it working other places. Glad to have this extra resource for ideas. (And, I love the art you did on MDF — so cool!)

    1. Thanks Linda. That’s so awesome that your sons class did that project. Great news! My wife and I are extremely passionate about creative reuse (my wife Alyssa is one of the cofounders of Creative Reuse Workshop and Program Development Manager at SCRAP Portland), and we really want to see a creative reuse center in every community. SCRAP Portland is undertaking a SCRAP USA program which sister cities can start their own CRC’s. Traverse City Michigan was the first.


    1. Thank you very much. I love your work. A lot of it reminds me of Mark Rothko with it’s delicate color transitions. Thanks for following my blog. I am doing the same with yours.

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