Keith Haring Tribute Prints

I was surfing through twitter last night and stopped upon a tweet posted by the Keith Haring Foundation announcing the anniversary of the artist’s death.  Haring died on February 16, 1990 of aids related complications at 31 yeas of age.

He is my favorite artist.

I love his vibrant and expressive works influenced by NYC’s young breakdance and graffiti culture.  I admire his social concerns and criticisms depicted in simplified shapes and symbols.  Haring spoke out about the Aids epidemic, crack addiction, and nuclear war.  His images are iconic, caring, and relevant.  His subway drawings, murals and projects like the Pop Shop grabbed art from the stuffy modern New York City gallery and placed it in the contemporary streets.  Haring made art accessible to everyone.

I made these prints, which combine relief print, silkscreen and india ink, in 2009 because I wanted to expiriment with blending printmaking and painting.  At the time I was also reading “Keith Haring’s Journals”, which I found fascinating and ispirational.  Haring has been my favorite artist since I can remember, but I don’t recall how I first came across his work.  I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, and attended the Andy Warhol Museum pretty frequently.  It is possible that I first came across Haring while at the Warhol.  My favorite thing in the museum is an elephant Haring made of paper mache and acrylic.  Below is a picture borrowed from

For more information on Keith Haring and his work click here: 

Also, the Brooklyn Museum is going to have a Keith Haring retrospective focusing on his work from 1978-1982.  The exhibition runs from March 16th- July 8th.

Here is the link:

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4 thoughts on “Keith Haring Tribute Prints”

    1. Thanks. I’m glad you like my work. I will be in NY for a couple days this May and plan on seeing the Haring retrospective at the Brooklyn Art Museum. I’ll totally check out the mural as well. He’s my favorite artist. Thanks for the post.

      1. Normally the mural is only open to the public till end march!
        Did you know there is another Haring mural to be seen at 7th avenue and Leroy street. There is apublic library there. Behind it is a sports center, walk into Leroy and you will see an open air swimming pool. The mural is at the swimming pool. I walk by it every day!

      2. Thanks. It’s a shame I’ll miss the first mural, but I will check out the pool one. I appreciate the info. That’s a pretty great thing to walk by everyday.

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