Upcoming Exhibition At 100th Monkey Studio February 3rd

A quick post to say I am honored to be included in the February exhibition at the 100th Monkey Studio here in Portland.  The theme for the show is home.  Here is the Link:


In Relation to Need and Design

 The 100th Monkey Studio is a socially conscious small business owned and operated by two women.  Joy Leising and Beth Ann Short aim to provide a safe and affordable place to use art materials for anyone who wishes to do so.  They provide workshops and classes, as well as special events like the opening I am involved with.  The 100th Monkey Studio is part of the Southeast Portland First Friday art event that takes place the first Friday of every month.  I am very excited to be a part of this exhibition.

For more information on the 1ooth Monkey Studio click the link to their website:


Have a great day

Copyright © 2012 by Drew Kail


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