Just A Stones Throw Away + New Hanging Bar + Cannibals

Last week I completed this brand new collage entitled “Just A Stones Throw Away”.

I am very excited about the possibilities this type of work possesses.  “Just a Stones Throw Away ” is the  fourth collage I’ve completed, with a fifth right a round the corner, and I see no sign of losing the fascination and play involved in their manufacturing.

Also, I’ve come up with a new and exciting engineering marvel, at least for me, to enhance these works.  As I’ve said before, the collage is made up of recycled materials.  They are a combination of my old prints, magazines, and other materials I have reclaimed.  They are also mounted on reused mat board.  The new and exciting thing is that, also through the use of reclaimed materials, I’ve begun making them ready to hang pieces of art.  Now each collage has a hanging bar made from reused mat board that has been strung with reclaimed wire.  Below are some photos.

This technical evolution combined with the creation of a new piece seemed to be the peak of my entire week, until I had my meeting with Pamela from Cannibals Art Gallery here in Portland.  She enjoyed the collages and kindly accepted them into her shop.  If you ever have the opportunity to be in NW Portland, stop by Cannibals at NW21st and Glisan to meet Pamela and check out her shop.  There are some fascinating works, which I am very excited to be included in.

Cannibals address

518 Northwest 21st Avenue

Portland, OR 97209-1106

I will also have the link to the Cannibals website under the resources, artists and organizations list.

That is it for now.  I finished printing the lino block by hand.  An edition of 67 prints.  I’ll have the photo up on the blog and Etsy either later today or tomorrow.

Copyright © 2011 by Drew Kail

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