New Additions-(Etching Page and Etching/Woodblock Artist Statement)

A few days ago I posted the etchings I’ve completed within the last year.  All but one image was printed from a copper plate(Afternoon was printed from zinc).  Also, all copper plates were reused.  Some were the backsides of plates I had previously etched.  Others were completely etched and discovered in Portland’s own creative reuse center SCRAP by my wife and purchased for my use.  In these cases I worked reductively, learning how to “erase” elements from the previous plate, before etching my own image.

So, please check out the page devoted to this body of work. also new is the artist statement page, which pertains to both the etchings and the woodblocks.

Click here to view my artist statement regarding these works:

Click here to view woodblocks:
Click here to view etchings:

Copyright © 2011 by Drew Kail


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