Calling All Destroyers

1/1   Calling All Destroyers   2010

I really like this print, because I struggled at first to keep it progressing.  It is done with monotype and relief printing which builds up into a rich, deep surface.  I wish I could keep track of how many times this piece of paper was run through the press, but I get too involved in the action/reactionary process.  Sometime I will force myself to take incremental photographs of the print in progress to retrace my steps and analyze my decision-making.

As I have said before, I don’t begin a work with any premeditated driving concept.  This particular print started with multiple layers of monotype done with oil paint.  From that point, however, I struggled with what to do next.  I set it aside for a awhile, and after still remaining firmly stuck I decided to just do something drastic.  All that could happen is that I ruin a piece of paper, and the fact that I was so stuck made me feel that it wasn’t going very well anyway.  The result is the large white shape on the top center.

Laying the white shape down created a division of space within the piece that sparked a flood of reactionary printings.  I believe it created the seed of a middle ground.  From that point the middle ground turned into a foreground with repetitive printing.  I shifted the ink used from, at first, heavily mixed with transparent based medium  to complete dark color saturation. This built a foreboding foreground that I think resembles a post apocalyptic industrial setting.

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Copyright © 2011 by Drew Kail


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